FIG 254 High Pressure Relief Valves

FIG 254 High Pressure Relief Valves

FIG 254 Stainless Steel High Pressure Relief Valves.

The FIG154 is a gunmetal-bodied high pressure side outlet relief valve used to relieve excess pressure on air, gases & liquids. The FIG154 have stainless steel inlet connections & internals and the FIG254 is the all stainless version. Both valve types can be fitted with metal or soft seat options.

Size Range:
  • DN15 TO DN25 (1/2” TO 1”)
Pressure Range:
  • FIG254 = 1.0 BARG (15 PSI) to 258.5 BARG (3748 PSI)
Pipe Connections:
  • Available either screwed or flanged to suit customer’s connection requirements
Features and Benefits:
  • Able to accommodate customer’s connection requirements.
  • Full Cat IV PED approval.
  • Quality assurance approved to BS EN ISO 9001: 2015.
  • See data sheets for Discharge Capacities.

Flow Substance:




Liquid pump relief, pipeline and vessel protection.

High Pressure.