FIG160 Liquid Relief Valves.

FIG 160 Liquid Relief Valves

FIG160 Liquid relief valves.

Specially designed to handle liquids and uses top-guided cassette type assembly which can be removed from the main body without altering the relieving pressure, which allows cleaning of the valve seating surfaces without the need to reset the valve. The 160 is a gunmetal-bodied relief valve with a brass trim. The 161 is a gunmetal-bodied relief valve with a stainless steel seat ring valve & spindle.

Size Range:
  • DN20 to DN100 (3/4” TO 4”)
Pressure Range:
  • DN20 (3/4”) – DN25 (1”) = 0.7 BAR.G (10 PSI) to 22.5 bar.g (326 psi)
  • DN40 (1 ½”) – DN50 (2”) = 0.7 BAR.G (10 PSI) to 20 bar.g (290 psi)
  • DN65 (2 ½”) – DN100 (4”) = 0.7 BAR.G (10 PSI) TO 15 BAR.G (218 PSI)
Pipe Connections:
  • Available either screwed or flanged to suit customer’s connection requirements
Features and Benefits:
  • Able to accommodate customer’s connection requirements.
  • Full Cat IV PED approval.
  • Quality assurance approved to BS EN ISO 9001: 2015
  • See data sheets for Discharge Capacities

All Gresswell Relief Valves are given a hydraulic seat tightness test before leaving the factory and all valves are supplied pre-set. Special tests or witness testing can be arranged at extra cost.

Flow Substance:



Liquid pump relief, pipeline and vessel protection.